Daniel Eder, M.D. Medpoint PTY Clinic

Welcome, and thanks for checking out this blog!!  My name is Daniel Eder, I’m a primary care physician at the Medpoint PTY Clinic in Panama City, Panamá.  I’m new to the blogosphere, and I’m starting out this blog so that I can share some general health info, specifically about preventive medicine here in Panama and the services we offer here at Medpoint.  My goal with this blog is for visitors to learn a bit about preserving health and wellbeing, to understand a bit more about common health issues, and maybe even have a bit of fun along with it.  All set?  Let’s get started!!

 Who is this guy?!

I’m a Gringo-Panamanian who has now lived 9 years in Panama City.  I graduated from the Universidad Latina de Panama at the end of 2012, then completing my internship in the CSS Complejo Hospitalario in Panama and the Hospital El Vigia in Chitré.  I LOVE Panama and all its natural and cultural beauty.  When I’m not at the clinic, I can be found running in Parque Omar, cooking, watching sports, or hiking in Parque Soberanía or Parque Metropolitano!

What is Preventive Medicine and why should we care about it?

Preventive medicine is a model of healthcare based around promoting healthy lifestyles and anticipating the most common illnesses in a population to help prevent them or at least detect and treat them as early as possible before they become complicated.  It is considered the ‘holy grail’ of healthcare, because it is much cheaper (or ‘cost effective’ as they say) to prevent an illness than it is to treat it and its complications.

Every budget-conscious person must recognize that healthcare costs can be a significant burden, as health costs represent a large fraction of individual debt these days.  Between lost time at work, to the costs of medications and hospitalizations and procedures in private institutions, getting health treatment for complicated illnesses can be a big hit to your wallet.  As it turns out, living a healthful, happy lifestyle, with periodic preventive checkups, can help avoid complicated illness and keep health costs down in the long term.  More than just economic benefit, the idea of preventive medicine is simply to help you live and feel well physically and emotionally!  It’s a bit like the maintenance you have done on your car: rotating your tires, changing the oil, getting a tune-up every 10k miles — it’s an expense in the short-term, but you get it done because you know those things keep the car running well and help avoid costly repairs further down the line!

What is Medpoint?

Medpoint PTY is a private clinic located in Costa del Este in Plaza 507 (above the Banesco Bank) which offers services in Pediatrics, General Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition and Sports Counseling, and a Vaccination center.  Learn more about us at medpointpty.com (we are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)!  In our General Medicine service we are happy to help with non-emergency illness, health certifications, and preventive medicine checkups.  Our focus is to evaluate and give individualized counseling regarding all aspects of your health (from diet, to physical activity, to sleep, stress management, management of acute and chronic illness, and follow-up).  Stop in today for your personalized health plan!

Why should I follow this blog??!

Because we’re all fighting the good fight here!!  Living in Panama City is fantastic and fun, but we also face daily challenges to our wellness: insufficient physical activity, unhealthy diet, traffic, stress, and illness.  I hope this blog serves as a interesting source for sharing tips about living with health and happiness.  Follow my blog and read each week about health tips, health news, healthful (and tasty) recipes, and fun activities happening in Panama!!!

Disclaimer: this blog is for discussing general health and wellness tips, and it will not be used to discuss any specific consults or treatment information with patients through this space.  If you have any of these kinds of consultations please contact me through our Medpoint offices.  Also, I emphasize that the information in this blog represents nothing more than personal opinions which I will try and base in strong scientific evidence; as this is a blog for the general public I will generally refer to studies and research findings vaguely, but if you are interested in specific citations or further references you are welcome to request them from me!  Thank you!!!



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